World Languages


Our mission is to foster diversity, respect and appreciation for other languages and cultures through communication in languages other than English.  Language is the universal connector that facilitates cultural understanding.

World Language Curriculum

All languages are valuable to teach and to learn.  As world language students learn effective communication skills in the target language, they will also enhance their language mechanics in English.  In addition, through their foreign language studies, they will become more aware of their own culture and also realize that language is crucial to any career.  The student understands the appreciation for a multi-lingual society, world languages, cultures and global interdependence.

The student’s placement in the first year of the language is based upon her academic record and Foreign Language Entrance Exam scores.  Each student is required to complete two consecutive years of one language; however, each student is encouraged to continue on to the third and fourth levels.  Teacher recommendation and successful completion in levels I and II are required for level III approval.  This process is the same when the student transitions from level III to IV.

Course Listing

541/542 SPANISH I

Gr: 9, 10, 11    Trk: 1, 2   Cr: 1

This course is the development of foundational reading, listening, speaking, and writing.  Students will participate in both independent and group work that focus on communicating effectively in the target language.  Students will learn school, food, sports vocabulary and more.  Some cultural readings that are incorporated in this level are “Quinceañera,” school activities, food and sports in Spanish-speaking countries.  In addition, they will learn Present Tense of regular and irregular verbs, Present Progressive, contractions, prepositions, object pronouns, Preterit Tense and more.

551/552 SPANISH II

Gr: 10, 11, 12    Trk: 1, 2   Cr: 1
This course is a continuation of Spanish I with emphasis on building vocabulary, language mechanics and cultural awareness.  This course begins with a review of the material covered in Spanish I.  Students will expand their vocabulary, and they will continue to build their grammar.   They will learn Irregular Preterit Tense verbs, Imperfect Tense, demonstrative adjectives, Subjunctive Tense and more.  This course requires students to enhance their language manipulation skills because of the introduction of various tenses.  Students must master these skills in order to continue to level III and IV.

Prerequisite:  Spanish I, equivalent elementary school preparation, above proficient score on Foreign Language Entrance Exam


Gr: 11, 12    Trk: 1, 2    Cr:1

This course explores the rich cultural mosaic of the Spanish-speaking world through geography, history, food and customs.  The student’s knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and culture from Spanish I and Spanish II will assist in this level.  Students continue to build oral and written proficiency as they incorporate critical thinking skills in the target language.  Each chapter includes grammar activities, short stories, news articles and more.  Students are required to present their opinions and ideas through the following:  oral presentations using accurate and controlled articulation of the target language; short answer and essay writing using intermediate vocabulary, and intermediate grammar structures with fluid transitions.

Prerequisite:  Spanish II and teacher recommendation


Gr: 12    Trk: 1    Cr:1

This course builds on the awareness and appreciation of the Spanish-speaking world through various aspects of the Spanish-speaking world.  There is greater exposure to classic, popular and modern Hispanic literature and authors.  Highlights of the history, art, and music of Latin America and Spain are presented.  Students are required to present their opinions and ideas through:  oral presentations using accurate and controlled articulation of the target language; essay writing using advanced vocabulary, and advanced grammar structures with fluid transitions.  This course is designed for students who wish to continue their studies in world languages in pursuit of either a bilingual or multi-lingual career.

Prerequisite:  Spanish III and teacher recommendation 

581 Mandarin Chinese I

Gr: 9, 10, 11, 12    Trk: 1    Cr:1

This course is designed for students who have little or no previous exposure to Chinese. Students specifically develop their listening and speaking skills at this level. Some Chinese characters will be taught, but the main focus is on correct pronunciation, accurate tones and mastery of basic grammatical structures. Students in various settings will be able to talk about their life and experiences, preferences and feelings.

582  Mandarin Chinese II

Gr: 10, 11, 12    Trk: 1    Cr:1

This course is a continuation of Mandarin Chinese I with emphasis on building vocabulary, language mechanics and cultural awareness.

Prerequisite:  Mandarin Chinese I

531 Honors Latin I

Gr: 9    Trk: 1    Cr:1

This course encourages students to appreciate the importance and connection that Latin has to English and to other Romance Languages.  The concentration on vocabulary, structure and syntax, helps the development of memory, logical thinking and academic discipline.  An appreciation of Roman history and culture is taught through translation and research.  Students are required to complete reading, writing, listening and speaking activities independently, in pairs and in small groups.  This course is designed to enhance vocabulary skills with all disciplines.

Prerequisite:  Placement based upon elementary achievement

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