The courses in theology are intended to lead students to personal integration of faith and life. The courses endeavor to bring the light of Gospel faith to illumine human knowledge, culture, experience, and meaning.  The goal of the theology department is to arouse individual inner spiritual dynamism for deepening one’s intellectual, moral, spiritual, and emotional life. Growth in Christian virtues is the desired  outcome.

The American Catholic Bishops have developed a new National Theology  Curriculum Framework.  The Archdiocese of Philadelphia  began the implementation of the U. S. Bishops new curriculum framework with Theology I in 2010—2011.  The new Theology II course will be implemented in the 2011-2012 school year.

Course Listing

911/912 Theology I – The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture

Semester 1   Gr: 9     Trk: 1, 2     Cr: 0.5
This course helps students understand the Sacred Scriptures. The Bible is the word of God where they encounter the living Word of God, Jesus Christ. Students learn about the Bible, its development and content, how God is its author. Students focus on the Gospels, where they grow to know and love Jesus more personally.

911/912 Theology I – Who is Jesus Christ?

  • Semester 2  Gr: 9    Trk: 1, 2    Cr: 0.5
  • This course helps students understand the person and message of Jesus Christ. He is the living Word of God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity. He is the ultimate Revelation about God, from God. Students penetrate the mystery of the person of Jesus and who he calls them to be.

921/922 Theology II

921/922 Theology II – Jesus Christ’s Mission Continues in The Church

  • Semester 2   Gr: 2     Trk: 1, 2     Cr: 0.5
  • This course helps students understand that they encounter the living Jesus Christ in and through the church. The Church was founded by Christ through the Apostles. It is sustained by him though the Holy Spirit. The Church is the living Body of Christ. Students explore the church as a mystery which has both human and divine elements.

931/932 Theology III – Catholic Morality

Gr: 11     Trk: 1,2     Cr: 1
This course presents an overview of basic concepts in Catholic moral theology as well as more specific moral issues. This course has been purposely named “Catholic” so as to help students understand that not all Christian churches share the same moral teaching and understanding as the Catholic Church. It is important to see living a morally upright life as a concrete and positive response to God’s love and God’s gift to each of us.

941/942 Theology IV – Church and Vocation

Gr: 12     Trk: 1, 2     Cr: 1
Church and Vocation focuses on the People of God who make up the Church through its 2000 year history and its present reality. The course challenges teachers and students to take an active role in living out one’s personal vocation to God and the Church. This is placed in the context of the long tradition we share and the issues of importance in Church life today.


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