In the late 1800s, several prominent people of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia began to discuss the need for a school to educate women of the Delaware Valley. Father (later Bishop) McDevitt and Mrs. Mary McMichan were the leaders in founding five “High School Centres” in 1901 which paved the way for the building of Catholic Girls High School in 1911. Upon the death of Mary McMichan, the name of the school was changed to John W. Hallahan Catholic Girls High School in honor of her brother, as she requested. Over thirty-seven thousand young women have earned diplomas and have dedicated their talents and lives to society in such callings as mothers, medical professionals, educators and business executives throughout the nation and the world.

Alma Mater

  • Let a floodtide of song
    From our hearts pour along
    O girls of the Hallahan High!
    For the Mother whose art
  • Doth her knowledge impart
  • As religion’s grand ally.
    She has given us dow’r
    Of the mightiest pow’r
    Enrolled us ‘neath standard blest,
    On whose azure fields triple lily sealed,
    Inscribed the Alumnae’s test.
  • Let our lamp then outgleam
  • With our Faith’s brightest beam:
  • O girls of the Hallahan High!
  • O girls of the Hallahan High!
  • Let the blue and the white
  • In their radiant light:
  • Alma Mater Glorify!
  • Alma Mater Glorify!


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