Hallahan Kairos

October 9-12 will be the 25th Kairos in the history of Hallahan!  Kairos is an intense, four-day retreat program which has found success for hundreds of Hallahan students as well as countless other young people throughout the country.  The Kairos experience is rooted in the sacramental life of the Church and is intended to bring the retreatants to a better understanding of the relationships they have with God and other loved ones in life and to help give them the tools to strengthen those relationships.  Through both small group and large group sessions, the retreatants come to a better understanding of God, themselves, and others.

Registration is now open for Kairos XXV!  Registration forms can be downloaded here.  Please fill them out and have your parents sign them and send them into the School Ministry Office.  Registration is limited to 42 retreatants and is filled on a first come first served basis.  Students who filled out a “Pre-Registration” form have a spot reserved for them until Monday, September 12th when their deposit is due.

Deposits and payments should be paid to the Tuition Office and can be paid during this summer during normal business hours.  Please do NOT send money in the mail, bring it directly to the office for payment!

Kairos – “What to Know Before You Go”

  • We will depart for St. Francis on Sunday, October 9th at 2:30 PM and will return on Wednesday, October 12th by approximately 2:30 PM.  The Retreat will take place at St. Francis Retreat House located at 3918 Chipman Road in Easton, Pennsylvania.  The Hallahan Kairos Emergency Contact Phone Number is: 610-368-8836.  Also, St. Francis Retreat Center can be reached at: 610-258-3053.
  • Since the schedule will be full, we will ask that you get as much rest as possible during the retreat.  Therefore, “late night gatherings” will not be permitted.
  • The day of the retreat, you should arrive with your luggage no later than 2:00 PM, and we will load the bus and depart for Easton NO LATER THAN 2:30 PM!  There will be no Mass celebrated on Sunday, so please be sure to attend Mass at your home parish sometime that day.  The reason we are not celebrating Mass is to encourage you to attend with your family at your home parish.
  • We expect to return from Kairos around 2:30 PM on Wednesday, October 12th.  For your sake, please do not schedule any work, etc. that afternoon/evening.  You will want the time to rest and reflect on the retreat.
  • Thursday, October 13th is a school day and you are expected to attend!  No student who attends Kairos will be permitted to be absent on Thursday, October 13th, except for serious illness!  If any student who attends Kairos is absent, they will meet with the Asst. Principal for Student Services and School Minister upon their return to school to explain their absence.
  • By Monday, September 26th, the Application/Medical Release Form, Code of Conduct, & Teacher Acknowledgement Forms all must be signed and submitted to the Ministry Office.  As a reminder, the Teacher Acknowledgement form is a contract between you and your teacher saying that you will make up any and all missed work while you are away.  Please ask someone else in the class for the work you missed and make sure that you make up this work as well as any tests and/or quizzes!  Please note that Wednesday October 12th is a PSAT day, so you should only be missing 2 days of class work.
  • What you should bring: Casual and comfortable (but appropriate) clothing, soap, shampoo, and other toiletries; your “special pillow” if needed; also, cards or board games can be brought for free time.  Just please PACK LIGHT!  Also, each retreatant is asked to bring a case of water (smaller bottles are preferred) and a snack which will all be shared with the group.
  • If you would like to bring more snacks, that is fine, however the rule for Kairos is that all snacks that are brought are shared by the entire group!  They will be placed in a spot where anyone can take whatever they wish.  Therefore, no food or drinks may be brought to your room!   Baked/homemade goods are always welcome!!!
  • What you should not bring: towels, sheets, or sleeping bags.  Sheets, towels, pillows, and blankets will be provided by St. Francis.  Also, you should not bring electronic devices such as iPods, Game Boy/PSP, & school work.  The use of Cell Phones is prohibited during Kairos except for emergencies.  If you bring your cell phone, it will be collected by an Adult Leader and can be used ONLY in the case of a true emergency.  If someone needs to contact you for a TRUE EMERGENCY they should call either of the two emergency numbers listed above.
  • All rules in the student handbook are in effect.  As per school policy, the use of drugs/alcohol is strictly prohibited and anyone found using these will be dismissed from the retreat IMMEDIATELY and will face consequences with School Administration and/or civil authorities.
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